Theo Sterling was created by Ryan, Kelley, and Amanda; three scientists with a passion for microbiology and using sustainable scientific advances to improve our world. Before founding Theo Sterling, the three scientists set out on a mission to develop personal care products that were sustainable, safe, unique, and most importantly effective.


Theo Sterling Skin Clarifying and Probiotic Balancing Mist, the first product from our team, was developed after the discovery of a few unique strains of bacteria. After developing a novel and safe way to lyse and purify these strains, Theo Sterling was born. The mist is a safe and chemical free way to improve skin tone, texture, reduce dryness, and help to maintain a clear complexion.


We look forward to bringing many more products based on similar technology to market over the coming years. And with these new products a commitment to sustainability and giving back to help organizations that are actively working on improving our environment.


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